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Gotham Knights Will Have Offline Single-Player and No Microtransactions

Gotham Knights Will Have Offline Single-player and No Microtransactions

Gotham Knights Will Have Offline Single-Player and No Microtransactions

Following the latest gameplay reveal that highlighted the abilities of both Red Hood and Nightwing, you would think that Warner Bros. Games will stop at just that for information about Gotham Knights. However, new information shared via the Gotham Knights FAQ on the official website brings some welcomed news for players.

First of all, for those worried about needing a persistent online connection to enjoy the story solo, you can rest easy. The FAQ shares that “an internet connection is not required to play Gotham Knights solo,” but obviously, that will be different if you are looking at “two-player, online co-op with a friend.” Players are required to have either a PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscription for online co-op, and there will not be any local co-op options, unfortunately.

Next, on the possibility of microtransactions, the FAQ also answers that question without any doubt. “No. Gotham Knights will not have in-game purchases or microtransactions,” WB Games stated. This will undoubtedly put some minds at ease, and keep the focus rightfully on the game.

In other news, Gotham Knights’ PS4 and Xbox versions have been cancelled, with the studio hoping to “provide players with the best possible gameplay experience” that is only possible on the newer generation of consoles.

Be sure to check out the gameplay trailer below if you have not gotten the chance to yet:

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