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Netflix Drops Debut Trailer For Its Upcoming Texas Chainsaw Massacre Sequel

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Netflix Drops Debut Trailer For Its Upcoming Texas Chainsaw Massacre Sequel

Gore hounds, rejoice! That’s right, Netflix has just dropped the debut trailer for its modern horror sequel to the legendary 1974 cult classic. Simply dubbed Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the new follow-up is set to launch on the streaming platform on Feb. 18, 2022. Yep, that’s just around the corner, folks.

Go ahead and check out the new video down below. As you can imagine, it’s pretty gory stuff – so beware!

Clocking in at just two and half minutes long, there’s lots to see in the debut footage. From the looks of things, a handful of influencers have decided to take a visit to Harlow, Texas to catch a glimpse of the one and only Leatherface. Of course, let’s just say said influencers get a little bit more than what they bargained for.

For those unaware, Leatherface is based on a real-life murder who went by the name Ed Gein, who had a thing for wearing people’s faces as masks. His murderous exploits were brought to the silver screen by Tobe Hooper, who has largely inspired by the infamous serial killer. Needless to say, the original film went on to become a beloved ’70s horror pic inspiring an entirely new generation of writers, directors and creatives.

Interestingly, this new sequel will involve Kim Henkel – who co-wrote Tobe Hooper’s original movie – and Uruguayan filmmaker Fede Alvarez – who wrote 2013’s well-received Evil Dead remake.

For more information, here’s a general overview courtesy of Netflix:

After nearly 50 years of hiding, Leatherface returns to terrorize a group of idealistic young friends who accidentally disrupt his carefully shielded world in a remote Texas town. Based on characters created by Kim Henkel and Tobe Hooper. Story by Fede Álvarez & Rodo Sayagues. Screenplay by Chris Thomas Devlin. Directed by David Blue Garcia.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre begins streaming for all Netflix subscribers on Feb. 15, 2022.

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