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God of War: How to Shoot Arrows

god of war shoot arrows

God of War: How to Shoot Arrows

Make Daddy proud.

How to Shoot Arrows in God of War

The cruel tundras of the Nordic region have many perils in God of War, and even the gamest warrior can find themselves outmatched if they aren’t careful. Fortunately, Kratos has someone by his side on the battlefield, and young Atreus proves to be quite the adept little backup when used correctly. With his bow and arrows in hand, Atreus can down enemies from a distance, allowing Kratos to finish them off with his more direct method of combat. Here’s what you need to know to shoot arrows in God of War.

In order to sic your son on foes and have him shoot arrows, hold L2 to aim and press the Square button on PlayStation, or aim with Left CTRL and shoot with F on PC. Atreus will let off an arrow in whatever direction you are pointing at the time. When in combat, you need only lock onto an enemy and press square in order for Atreus to let loose some artillery. It may not be quite as deadly as the iron fists of Kratos himself, but it can certainly come in handy, particularly when trying to wear down larger targets, of which there are plenty in God of War.

For more battling info and everything else you may need to know, check out our God of War wiki. Whether you’re just learning the basics or you’ve graduated onto the really tough stuff, Twinfinite remains your go-to for the top intel.

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