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Destiny 2: Best Weapons for Gambit (2022)


Destiny 2: Best Weapons for Gambit (2022)

Destiny 2’s meta goes through twists and turns as weapons rise in popularity and either counters are found, or Bungie ends up nerfing them. In this guide, we’re going to run through the best weapons to use in Destiny 2’s PvEvP game mode, Gambit as of Beyond Light. We’ll start with Legendary weapons and then dive into the best exotic weapons for Gambit as well.

Before we dive into the list, it’s important that we first explain the thought process behind what we’re suggesting.

The weapons you want to use for Gambit as of Beyond Light, for the most part, are the same weapons that you’d want to use for PvE with an emphasis on two very particular things: clearing out packs of enemies quickly and then, later, burning down a boss.

Ideally you have a set of Gambit weapons that you start with that’s just about clearing stuff out quickly so you can get motes and spawn the primeval; and then you switch to a boss clear set after you’ve done that.

The exception is if you’re a dedicated invader, then you’re going to want to consider some weapons that have a PvP slant of sorts, and can get you kills from a long distance without having to put yourself in a 4v1 scenario potentially up close.

So if you just want a general list of good Destiny 2 PvE and PvP weapons (both legendary and exotic) that you should consider, check out the those respective lists that are linked there for you.

For our list of the best Gambit weapons, we’re mostly going to look at exotics that particularly shine in the various parts of a Gambit match and highlight just a few very noteworthy legendary weapons.

Best Weapons for Gambit in Destiny 2 (2022)

Mote Phase

best weapons for gambit, destiny 2
  • Bad Juju (Exotic, Pulse Rifle, Kinetic)
  • Chroma Rush (Auto Rifle, Kinetic)
  • Cloudstrike (Exotic, Sniper Rifle, Energy, Arc)
  • Eyes of Tomorrow (Exotic, Rocket Launcher, Power, Solar)
  • Falling Guillotine (Sword, Power, Void)
  • Heritage (Shotgun, Kinetic)
  • Ikelos_SG_v.1.02 (Shotgun, Energy, Solar)
  • Ikelos_SMG_v.1.02 (SMG, Energy, Arc)
  • Jotunn (Exotic, Fusion Rifle, Energy, Solar)
  • Malfeasance (Exotic, Hand Cannon, Kinetic)
  • Riskrunner (SMG, Energy, Arc)
  • Ruinous Effigy (Exotic, Trace Rifle, Energy, Void)
  • Sunshot (Hand Cannon, Energy, Solar)
  • Trinity Ghoul (Exotic, Bow, Energy, Arc)
  • Trustee (Scout Rifle, Energy, Solar)
  • Vision of Confluence (Energy, Solar)
  • Witherhorde (Exotic, Grenade Launcher, Kinetic)

Let’s start with discussing add clear. Your goal needs to be clearing out each wave of enemies ASAP without dying. There are a couple of ways to skin this cat.

If you’re comfortable getting up close and personal, Ruinous Effigy can be a very effective all around weapon that not only can kill things from afar, but also act as a shield and an powerful AoE weapon. If you’re fighting the Fallen or the Hive definitely consider Riskrunner.

If you want to hang back a little you have a lot of great options such as Trinity Ghoul and Cloudstrike. Power weapons like Eyes of Tomorrow are obvious too but keep in mind you’re going to be power ammo starved a lot of the time in Gambit so definitely make sure you’re modded for it.

Speccing to get your super back as quickly as possible is also a viable option and Bad Juju paired with a max Intellect build can allow you to pop your super as often as possible during the mote phase.

Finally note how we included a few of the Ikelos weapons there. An AoE minded Warmind build can work wonders in Gambit. If you don’t have great Ikelos weapons, Seventh Seraph ones can do the trick too.

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