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ArtStation User Creates Incredibly Detailed Dune Space Guild Concept Art


ArtStation User Creates Incredibly Detailed Dune Space Guild Concept Art

Denis Villeneuve’s Dune took the world by storm recently, as fans of the book series and newcomers alike have marveled at just how impressive the film looked and sounded. As it one only part one of a two-part movie, though, there are plenty of characters, lore, and other interesting bits of worldbuilding that have yet to be explored.

One of the most interesting political factions that fans have yet to see in-depth that play a large role in the Dune series is the Spacing Guild. Thanks to the books, we do know a bit more about them, as they are an organization that held exclusive access to faster than light space travel, allowing them to create a monopoly on travel throughout the universe.

As you can surmise from that description, this Guild will likely play a large role in Dune part 2. That is exactly what ArtStation artist Keith Christensen must have had on their mind when they created the following detailed concept art for the Spacing Guild.

The sketches really have a lot of detail, with Christensen going into depth about the makeup of the Guild suites, even going as far as to add spice stains for extra authenticity. They even created the Spacing Guilds emblem for a little bit of extra flare.

If you’d like to check out more of their work, you can head on over to this ArtStation link. You’ll find lots of other amazing Dune concept art there, including designs for Spiceminers, Still Suits, Fremen clothing, and a lot more.

You’ll also find plenty of Dune-related content down below as well. That includes news, features, and quizzes that fans of the series are sure to love.

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