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Frank From It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Tries to Win Squid Game


Frank From It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Tries to Win Squid Game

***Fair warning, the following content spoils a major twist in the Netflix original show, Squid Game. If you haven’t seen it yet and don’t want to be spoiled, come back after you’ve seen at least the first episode.***

The Gang from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia are always looking for a solid scheme that’ll make them rich and famous. So when Youtuber Jonkari P combined Frank Reynolds and Ronald “Mac” McDonald with the highly popular Netflix show, Squid Game, you knew that you were in for a treat.

In the short clip below, Frank and Mac are superimposed into the first episode of Squid Game, Red Light, Green Light. In the video, the two talk strategy, and how they should play it subtle.

The clip ends with Frank running away from the ensuing chaos of the first game and getting eliminated. It’s a hilarious bit of brevity that many fans of Squid Game need, especially if they binged all nine episodes in one sitting.

Anyone that enjoyed the video can check out the rest of Jonkari P’s Youtube channel, as it features plenty of memes and other hilarious content. While you’re here, be sure to look at all of the features, news, and quizzes we’ve got for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Squid Game, and much more.

Featured Image Source: Youtube

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