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Tales of Arise: Shionne the Fashion Critic Quest Guide

shionne the fashion critic

Tales of Arise: Shionne the Fashion Critic Quest Guide

Tales of Arise contains a whole host of side quests and some of them don’t come with the clearest instructions. If you’re having trouble with this one, we can help out. Here’s how to complete the Shionne the Fashion Critic quest in Tales of Arise.

Shionne the Fashion Critic Quest Guide

Starting the Quest

Shionne spends a lot of time critiquing and evaluating other peoples’ outfits throughout the game. One of the very first instances of this is in the Shionne the Fashion Critic sub-quest.

To start this sub-quest, speak to the man next to the inn in Ulzebek during the Signs of Liberation main quest. He’ll ask Shionne for fashion advice and you’ll get to pick one of three choices for him.

You can pick any choice you want, as you’ll still be able to complete the quest no matter what you choose to say here. After this conversation, the game will tell you to wait until the man has picked out a new outfit for himself.

Completing the Quest

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t tell you that you have to wait for the entirety of the story before the man is done picking out his new clothes. You actually need to come back after completing the game and taking down the final boss.

There’s nothing else you need to do for this quest. You don’t ever need to check back in with him throughout the journey. Beat the game, then return to him in Ulzebek with your completed save file to finally get your reward and see his new outfit.

That’s everything you need to know about how to complete the Shionne the Fashion Critic sub-quest in Tales of Arise. Have a look at our guide wiki for the game to see more tips, tricks, and useful info.

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