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Deathloop Weapons List: Best Weapons, Rarity Explained & More

deathloop weapons

Deathloop Weapons List: Best Weapons, Rarity Explained & More

The island of Black Reef in Deathloop is one full of potential pain, and lots of dying over and over again. One thing that remains the same from loop to loop, however, is the formidable arsenal of weapons that Colt can get his hands on to help him take down the Visionaries. In this Deathloop weapons guide, we’ll explain every weapon in the game, weapon rarity and what difference it makes, and the best weapons in Deathloop, so you can eliminate those Visionaries and get to the bottom of this time loop mystery.

All Weapons in Deathloop

There are 12 different guns for players to pick up and use as they see fit in Deathloop. We’ve listed each of them below with a quick description of what kind of gun they are, and how they work.

  • LIMP-10: A one-handed submachine gun. It can be dual-wielded with any other one-handed weapon and is great for gunning down waves of weaker enemies when your stealthy approach doesn’t go to plan.
  • Rapier: A handgun with great accuracy, even from afar. It’s capable of picking off enemies at close-range, too, but does take some time to reload so isn’t the best in a busy skirmish.
  • PT-6 ‘Spiker’: My personal favorite, the PT-6 ‘Spiker’ is a nail gun that allows you to silently headshot enemies from range. Hold down R2 to charge up your shot to increase its power and range. Headshots are insta-kills, making it a super satisfying weapon to use.
  • Tribunal: A lightweight semi-automatic pistol. This Deathloop weapon’s got low recoil and solid accuracy at close to medium range, but isn’t cut-out for long-range combat scenarios.
  • MG-1 ‘Pepper Mill’: A machine gun with a massive magazine and fast rate of fire. Great for moments of crowd control where a stealthy approach is well and truly out the window. Combine it with a trinket to reduce recoil or increase its magazine size (or both if you can), for a formidable killing machine (gun).
  • Strelak 50-50: A combat shotgun that fires short bursts of pellets to mow down enemies. It’s no good at long-range, as you might expect, but at close and medium range it’ll slice right through enemies. It does have a slow reload speed, though, so we’d recommend a Trinket that improves reload time.
  • Vopat Trencher: Your bog-standard double-barrel shotgun. Incredibly satisfying to use at close-range, and has some neat DualSense adaptive trigger implementation. It also sounds pretty cool, but could also do with a Trinket to improve reload time to make it more well-rounded.
  • The Fourpounder: A hand cannon that can drop most enemies you’ll come across in Deathloop in a few shots. Dual-wield these to feel like a real gunslinger.
  • Constancy Automatic: One of Deathloop’s Gold-tier weapons and obtained by taking down Visionary Frank. This has two ammo clips, meaning that while you can keep firing while you reload the other. The only time you’ll have to stop firing is when you completely run out of bullets. An incredibly handy weapon to have at your disposal.
  • Sepulchra Breteira: This is the sniper in the world of Deathloop and another Gold-tier weapon. You can adjust the level of your zoom, making it the perfect long-range weapon no matter how far away you are from your target. It can only be obtained from Updaam in the afternoon, or from Julianna if you’re able to kill her.
  • Strelak Verso: One of the most interesting weapons in Deathloop. This Gold-tier weapon is essentially a pair of burst-firing pistols that can be dual-wielded, or combined together to create a powerful burst weapon/ hand cannon. Seriously cool, but a lot harder to go compared to other weapons in the game.
  • Heritage Gun: Ever wanted a gun that can switch between being devastating at both close and long range? Then the Heritage Gun is the one for you. You can transform from its close-range shotgun form, to a devastating long-range rifle.
  • Machete: A melee weapon that can slice through enemies with a few swipes. It can also one-hit kill enemies when you stealth attack them from behind.

Deathloop Weapon Rarity Explained

There are four levels of weapon rarity in Deathloop — Grey, Blue, Purple, and Gold. The best guns in the game are Gold, and there is only a handful of these you can find across the whole of Black Reef. Grey are the most common and will jam frequently which can be a bit of a headache in a particularly hectic skirmish.

The higher the gun’s rarity, the more effective the gun’s perk and the more perks the gun can have.

Weapon perks are completely random with each version of the gun that you pick up, so you’ll want to familiarize yourself with perks and the strengths and weaknesses of each gun to find the best combinations. We’ve listed a handful of the best combinations of weapons and perks below.

Best Weapons in Deathloop

While every weapon will do a job in helping you slice through the Visionaries on Black Reef, there are some weapons that are far better to use. These are the best weapons in Deathloop for short, medium, and long-range combat.

Best Short-Range Weapon – Vopat Trencher

The best weapon for close-quarters combat is the Vopat Trencher or the Pepper Mill. The Vopat Trencher is a shotgun which, especially at its purple rarity with a Trinket to help improve reload time, is an absolute beast when dealing with multiple enemies at short range.

It can one-shot enemies, too, which is always handy when you’ve got a lot to deal with.

The Pepper Mill is a heavy machine gun that can be found either by defeating a Visionary or in one or two spots around Blackreef.

With a couple of Trinkets it can be very effective at spraying down large groups of Eternalists at close-range.

Best Mid & Long Range Weapon – Rapier

Without a doubt the best weapon in Deathloop (possibly overall) for mid and long-range skirmishes is the Rapier. In particular, the Rapier at purple rarity with the ‘More Bang’ perk which causes your bullets to explode on impact.

Add a fast reload Trinket, and some others like damage and accuracy buffs (not that it really needs it), and this is quite literally an unstoppable killing machine.

It’s capable of one shotting every Eternalist in the game, and will two shot Julianna, which is particularly handy in the late-stages of the game when she’s invading your game frequently. This just takes care of her and allows you to refocus on the task at hand.

Best Long-Range Weapon in Deathloop – Rapier

The Rapier may look like a pistol, but it’s far more competent at range than you may think. It’s more than capable of one-shotting enemies from mid to long range while retaining solid reload speeds. It also has a decent magazine size, meaning you can pop off multiple enemies in quick succession.

Finally, it can also one-shot visionaries from afar, making it perfect for those stealthy approaches.

There you have all the weapons you can get your hands on in Deathloop. Which one’s your favorite? Let us know down in the comments below, or visit our wiki for more tips and tricks on the game.

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