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Ryan Reynolds Reaches Next Level as ‘Dude’ in This Free Guy Clip


Ryan Reynolds Reaches Next Level as ‘Dude’ in This Free Guy Clip

Ryan Reynolds’ upcoming video game movie, Free Guy, is almost here, leading to a slew of promotions coming from the actor’s official YouTube page to help everyone get hyped. You can see the most recent clip down below, which features a brand new antagonist named Dude.

In the trailer, we get a first look at the character Taika Waititi’s Antwan created as a means of opposing Ryan Reynolds’ character, Guy. At first glance, this blonde-haired, muscular, blue t-shirt tattoo-repping animal looks oddly familiar…really familiar, in fact.

Yes, that is right, Ryan Reynolds is not only going to be the protagonist of Free Guy, he is also going to be one of its primary villains. Alongside some small bits from the movie, the Next Level Reynolds video also gives us some added commentary from Reynolds playing Dude.

The video is definitely worth the watch as a result of this, as there are parts of it that won’t appear in the movie and were shot solely so the actor could ham it up as this character. Free Guy will be available in theaters later this month, Aug. 13.

If you’re still looking for more Free Guy and Ryan Reynolds-oriented, be sure to check out the recent promotional video that was put up for the film. In it, Deadpool and Korg both discuss what they think about the actors, the film, and much more.

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