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Deadpool & Korg Promote Free Guy With a Hilarious Reaction Video


Deadpool & Korg Promote Free Guy With a Hilarious Reaction Video

Deadpool is one step closer to forcing his adult humor into the MCU, as a video that shows the Merc With a Mouth reacting to the trailer for the upcoming release of Fall Guy was posted to Ryan Reynolds’ Youtube channel. What does that have to do with the MCU? Well, he is joined by none other than everyone’s favorite rock warrior Korg.

As you can see below, the video starts off with the two bantering, with Deadpool mocking both Korg, Fall Guys, and even his own film, Deadpool 2, with his typical sarcastic brand of humor.

The entire video is hilarious, especially when you put together that the person who voices Korg, Taika Waititi, is also the villain of Fall Guys. Finding that out helps make this odd couple pairing make a lot more sense in hindsight, with each actor serving as the two most important roles in the upcoming film.

The clip ends with Deadpool asking Korg for tips to get into the MCU, which leads the former Sakaar prisoner to monologue about hitting your lowest point and then checking your email for something from Marvel.

What did you think of the reaction? Do you think this means Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool is one step closer to making his way into the MCU? Be sure to let us know in the comment section below.

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