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Iron Harvest’s Console Port Looks Great in New Gameplay Teaser

iron harvest

Iron Harvest’s Console Port Looks Great in New Gameplay Teaser

With several RTS franchises both new and returning coming to PC, fans of the genre are enjoying somewhat of a resurgence at the moment. As ever, though, console players always get the short end of the stick — except in the case of King Art Games’ acclaimed Iron Harvest, that is.

After having already launched on PC, the developer is busy at work honing its console versions, which were delayed from the original release date last year. Today, a new teaser trailer gives us a sneak peek of its performance, as well as confirming PS5 and Xbox Series X versions. And from the looks of it, things are progressing nicely.

A handy YouTube synopsis offers us a quick breakdown of some key details:

  • Iron Harvest will also come to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X!
  • If a backer wishes to change your Console Pre-Order (free of charge) from Gen8 to Gen9, they can do so on our website.
  • Console versions will be released towards the end of 2021, when we are satisfied with their quality. No compromise, Gen8 versions have proven more technically challenging.
  • All Iron Harvest 1920+ Console versions will include ALL DLC’S FOR FREE, this include the recently released Operation Eagle as well as all updates made since PC release.

For those not up to speed with Iron Harvest, it’s is a real-time strategy game that plays similarly to Relic Entertainment’s Company of Heroes. Here, though, the game is set in an alternate 1920s history and based around a unique ‘dieselpunk’ aesthetic that sees players take control of giant dieselpunk mechs. There is both single and multiplayer modes, including a cooperative option.

Iron Harvest is already available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. For more on the game, check out the recently released launch trailer for the game detailing the factions, mecha and characters players can control in battle.

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