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Cosmic Horror Meets Sci-Fi in Intense Dolmen Gameplay Trailer

Dolmen Game

Cosmic Horror Meets Sci-Fi in Intense Dolmen Gameplay Trailer

Originally announced last June, Dolmen, the upcoming cosmic horror action RPG, has a new gameplay trailer which debuted at the Future Games Show during Gamescom 2021.

Alongside a look at the unwelcoming, harsh, and brutal sci-fi world within Dolmen, the gameplay trailer shows a combination of both third-person shooting and melee combat that can be transitioned between on the fly. Also shown in the trailer is a look at the various suits and armors the game’s protagonist can equip.

You can get a full look at Dolmen’s gameplay trailer as seen in the Future Games Show below.

Source: GamesRadar

Dolmen has a multitude of features as explained on the game’s Steam page. Here is an overview of the game:

“Dolmen casts players onto a hostile alien world known as Revion Prime.
Your job? Bring back samples of a crystal with particularly unique properties; the so-called “Dolmen”.
These crystals are capable of allowing interaction between realities, revolutionising space exploration and changing the known world forever.

  • Dynamic Combat – In Dolmen you will grow stronger with each battle! Experience a rich combat system with various weapons and moves at your disposal. Switch natively between melee and ranged combat to overcome the most challenging enemies Revion Prime has to offer.
  • Energy Mode – Energy management is key to victory in Dolmen. Energy is not only used for ranged weapons, but also for activating “Energy Mode”. “Energy Mode” imbues your melee weapons with elemental status effects, letting you take full advantage of your enemy’s weaknesses.
  • Discover a Mysterious Planet – A devastated, darkly beautiful world is waiting to be explored. Will you find all the secrets that Revion Prime has to offer? Or will this cruel world push you to the brink of death?
  • A Challenge Awaits – Surviving is the last thing this world wants you to do. Will you see your timeline erased or will you overcome the challenge that awaits you?
  • Encounter Gruesome Bosses – Revion Prime offers a plethora of gruesome monstrosities that will put your skills to the test.

Developer Massive Work Studio’s Dolmen is due to launch sometime in 2022 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Steam. To discover more about this potentially terrifying action RPG, look no further than the official website for the game.

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