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5 Reasons Coromon Is More Than Just Another Pokemon Clone

Coromon Battle Sheartooth

5 Reasons Coromon Is More Than Just Another Pokemon Clone

Coromon is a monster tamer/creature collector RPG by TRAGsoft that puts its own twist on a classic formula from the GBA era of games. Most people will make Pokemon comparisons right away, but Coromon offers enough content in terms of gameplay, story, and game-changing features to make sure that those comparisons are positive ones.

TRAGsoft did name Nintendo’s popular RPG as a main influence, yet their game still manages to stand out in its own way. Here are five reasons that fans of Pokemon should keep an eye on Coromon.

Modernized Pixel Art

Coromon Battles Teaser

One of the first things that any fan of the GBA-era Pokemon games will notice is the pixel art style that Coromon uses. It capitalizes on that nostalgic feeling while modernizing the look in ways that its influences couldn’t, thanks to the technology of today.

The creatures in the game move and animate in ways that they wouldn’t be able to on the GBA. Some Coromon have many moving parts to their sprites that convey personality and texture in interesting ways. And animations for attacks go beyond that.

The environments and backgrounds also benefit greatly from modern development options and it shows. There’s more detail and objects in the environment in Coromon’s desert town of Darudic than in Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald’s Route 111 or Black/White 2’s Desert Resort, for example.

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