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4 Reasons Why Blue Lock Should Be On Every Anime Fan’s Radar


4 Reasons Why Blue Lock Should Be On Every Anime Fan’s Radar

Even before the official anime announcement, Blue Lock has been surging in popularity fairly quickly among manga fans, and the rumors swirling around about an anime adaptation only got the community hyped up about it even more. Now that the anime has finally been confirmed for a 2022 release, it’s time to talk about Blue Lock and why you should be excited if you don’t know anything about it.

It’s a Fusion of Sports and Action

blue lock

Action-oriented anime series are popular for a reason: they just look so damn cool. It’s exciting to watch characters come at each other with fists and swords, or any other kind of weapon you can think of, and it’s always thrilling to see them pull off stylish-looking moves in a beautifully choreographed scene.

Blue Lock isn’t an action anime, but just from reading the manga, the way football is presented feels every bit as thrilling and exciting as a fight scene from Attack on Titan or Demon Slayer. It’s fairly similar to Kuroko’s Basketball in the sense that every move that a player makes on a field is hyper-stylized and well thought out, and players from opposing teams are often going head to head against each other as if their very lives were on the line.

And, indeed, it does often feel like their lives actually are on the line, thanks to the intriguing story setup…

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