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Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Dance of Deduction Explained: How to Course Correct


Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Dance of Deduction Explained: How to Course Correct

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is set to be released for the Switch this month, featuring two games that were previously only available on the 3DS in Japan. Just like past games in the series, you’ll be investigating crime scenes, gathering clues and evidence, and defending your client in a courtroom. However, there is a new mechanic that helps make the investigation sections a bit more engaging. Here’s how the Dance of Deduction works in Great Ace Attorney Chronicles.

Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Dance of Deduction Explained

While you’re investigating cases in Britain, you’ll partner up with the great detective Herlock Sholmes along the way and try to decipher clues together. There will be times where you’ll encounter a witness who may not be very forthcoming, and it’s up to Ryunosuke and Herlock to work together to dig up the truth.

This will start the Dance of Deduction, or the Logic and Reasoning Spectacular as Herlock likes to call it. During this segment, Herlock will present his theory, along with his own observations of the witness’ behavior before coming to his conclusion. The thing about Herlock’s deductions is that they’re always off the mark even if he start off on the right track, and that’s where Ryunosuke comes in.

How to Course Correct

After Herlock is done presenting his theories, you’ll get a chance to go through his entire train of thought again and make adjustments here and there to bring him back on track.

For instance, in chapter 2, Herlock observes that the Russian man is holding the shears and is getting ready to cut his beard. However, this is a flaw in his deduction, and the game will pause and allow you to point out the actual item that Herlock needs to focus on.

During this pause, you can rotate the camera to look out for other oddities that stand out in the scene, press the A button to examine it closely, then press the X button to present it once you’re sure that’s what you need to focus on. Presenting the correct piece of evidence or item will allow you to course correct Herlock’s theories, and you’ll be able to get closer to the truth.

great ace attorney chronicles dance of deduction

Essentially, whenever the game pauses, rotate the camera and examine different things in the scene to try to figure out what’s really important here. Pay attention to the witness’ behavior and take note of where they’re glancing towards, or if they’re moving around, pay attention to anything they may be trying to hide.

Keep going down this path and course correcting Herlock’s theories, and both he and Ryunosuke will eventually arrive at the truth.

That’s all you need to know about how the Dance of Deduction mechanic works in Great Ace Attorney Chronicles. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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