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Genshin Impact: How to Get Memento Lens

genshin impact memento lens

Genshin Impact: How to Get Memento Lens

Genshin Impact contains plenty of quests that can be hard to complete or even find, so we’ve got all the details you need in regards to the Memento Lens and its related quests. Here’s how to get the Memento Lens in Genshin Impact.

How to Get the Memento Lens in Genshin Impact

First off, you’ll need to complete the tasks that are part of the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual questline. To start this questline, head on over to the outskirts of Konda Village in Inazuma. Speak to the masked woman who is standing next to a statue at this location:

genshin impact memento lens quest

The woman’s name is Kazari and she’ll ask you to use an Electro attack on the Kitsune statue next to her. Do this, then pick up the ward that it drops. Speaking to her again will start the A Strange Story in Konda quest. You’ll then need to enter Konda Village and talk to the locals for clues about the barrier Kazari spoke of.

Investigating Konda Village

Genshin Impact Futaba Memento Lens

Speak to the young girl directly in front of you named Futaba and she’ll tell you to talk to her father, the chief of the village. He won’t say much, so then you’ll need to talk to two other people.

The first is an elderly woman named Saimon Eri on the opposite side of the village, then another child named Takeru who is on a roof.

Genshin Impact Saimon Eri Memento Lens
Genshin Impact Takeru Memento Lens

Once you’ve spoken to those two, three spots will appear on the map for you to check for clues. Futaba, Eri, and Takeru all named areas to check, so you have to go to all of them. Check the pile of wood in the stream, the well behind the chief’s house, and the cart on the grass surrounded by Hilichurls.

Return to the village chief and show him the coin pouch that you found at the well, then the cargo bag, then the note. Then, read his notes found on the roof and head over to the structure marked on the map. It’s surrounded by enemies, so defeat them and dig underneath the structure to find an old key.

Entering the Well

The next step to get the Memento Lens will have you head back to the well behind the chief’s house to use the key on it. Use a non-Electro elemental attack to break the rock wall that’s emitting electricity. Jump around the wooden platforms near you to reach the Electrogranum. Summon it, then drop down to the bottom of the room to walk through the barrier there.

Once you make it through, use the ward you obtained from the Kitsune statue at the very beginning of this quest to purify the shrine.

konda well shrine

Purifying the shrine will start a puzzle with the small shrines around the room. Take a look at the electric symbol in the middle of the room, and interact with the shrines to make them activate in the order that the symbol shows you.

The number of symbols above each shrine indicates the order that it’ll activate. Use the first shrine that you purified as the starting point, then go right, up, and so on, just like in the symbol below:

konda well puzzle

Be ready for a fight once you activate the shrines in the correct order. A samurai named Ochimusha will appear in the middle of the room. He uses Electro attacks, so counter with Cryo or Pyro if you can. He fights just like the other samurai in Inauma, though, so this shouldn’t be a tough battle.

After winning, speak to Kazari, then summon the only Electrogranum in the room and climb the wall next to it. On the ledge, walk past the barrier in front of you and into a back room with a large chest and some boxes to investigate. Searching the boxes will provide an Old Key that’s needed later in this questline.

old key barrier

Searching the Abandoned Shrine

Your next task to compete before obtaining the Memento Lens will send you over to the abandoned shrine found northeast of Konda Village. It’s right over here:

konda abandoned shrine

Speak to the Mysterious Shadows there that look like ghosts to send them to the three small Kitsune statues in the grass. There are three Mysterious Shadows, and every time you talk to them, they move. So just keep talking to them to get all three next to one of the small statues.

They should all be out in the open and easy to find, except for one that occasionally appears on a roof, hidden by a tree. Once a Mysterious Shadow reaches a statue, don’t talk to it again, or it’ll move somewhere else. Once they’re all in the right place, interact with the glowing item in the middle of the statues.

The Mysterious Shadows should all be standing where the three chests are located in this image:

mysterious shadows puzzle

The final step in getting the Memento Lens will take you to Narukami Shrine. Go there and speak with a shrine maiden named Inagi Hotomi. She’ll give you the Memento Lens, and you can equip it by going into your inventory and selecting it. Then, it’ll automatically be set to a shortcut button when opening your quick menu.

If you’re looking to continue the questline beyond simply obtaining the Memento Lens, we have tips on what to do in our guide on destroying the abandoned shrine barrier.

It’s a long process, but that’s everything you need to know about how to get the Memento Lens in Genshin Impact. Be sure to check out our guide wiki for more tips, tricks, and other info on the game.

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