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Fortnite Wiretap Locations: Where to Plant Wiretaps in Different Key Locations

fortnite wiretap locations guide

Fortnite Wiretap Locations: Where to Plant Wiretaps in Different Key Locations

For one of the week 8 challenges, you have to plant wiretaps at different key locations in Fortnite. If you’re unsure where you need to plant these, this guide will explain everything you need to know.

The Fortnite Wiretaps can be found at five different key locations on the map. You only need to plant one Wiretap at three different locations, and we’ve highlighted all of the locations below.

Keep in mind that these wiretaps must be placed at different key locations. In other words, you can’t plant all three at one of the locations listed below, despite what other sites may claim.

Fortnite Wiretaps Location Map

fortnite wiretap locations

There are five locations you can place Fortnite wiretaps. We’ve numbered these on the map, and have listed their names below:

  1. Defiant Dish
  2. House in east of Lazy Lake
  3. Tunnel by Catty Corner
  4. Dockside Dish
  5. Dinky Dish

At each of these locations, you’ll find three wiretap locations you can interact with to complete the challenge. We’ve marked these on the images below.

Fortnite Wiretap Locations at Defiant Dish

fortnite wiretap locations at defiant dish
  • At the bottom of satellite dish at center of location.
  • Bottom of Blue Tower in southwest corner.
  • Bottom of Blue Tower on the east side.

Wiretap Locations at Lazy Lake House

  • On the wall to the west of the swimming pool
  • In the bush east of the swimming pool
  • By the benches next to the dog house on the north side of the house

Fortnite Wiretap Locations at Tunnel by Catty Corner

fortnite wiretap locations
  • Under the stairs by the tunnel entrance
  • By the rock outside the fence on the east side of the east wall
  • By the building next to the barrier

Wiretap Locations at Dockside Dish

  • Radio tower in the southeast corner
  • Bottom of satellite dish in northwest corner by helipad
  • Radio tower on the west side (south of satellite dish)

Wiretap Locations at Dinky Dish

fortnite wiretap locations at dinky dish
  • Bottom of radio tower in southeast corner
  • Bottom of radio tower in the northwest corner
  • Bottom of satellite dish on the south side

There you have all Fortnite wiretap locations information that you need to complete the week 8 challenge. For more tips, tricks and guides, head over to our wiki, or see more of our coverage on the game below.

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