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3 Crucial Details The Boys’ VNN Promo Revealed for Season 3

The Boys

3 Crucial Details The Boys’ VNN Promo Revealed for Season 3

Spoiler Warning: The following article divulges spoilers for the entire second season of The Boys leading into Season 3. If you haven’t seen it yet, we recommend you come back after watching every episode.

Earlier this week, Amazon Prime posted a promotional video for The Boys Season 3, with the video portraying news from the series’ world similar to how Fox or CNN would in the real world. While the video’s format itself is pretty cool, there are actually a lot of vital details in it that hint at future plot points. 

These are three crucial details that The Boys’ VNN promo revealed for Season 3 of the series. 

Super-Human Fallout

The Boys Season 3 VNN Promo Details

Image Source: Amazon

Considering that the entire premise of The Boys is to root out the evil that dominates the superhero groups of this world, it isn’t too surprising that Season 3 will have a large focus on the fallout of their negative actions. 

In the VNN video, the specific focus of the fallout revolves around Stormfront’s Nazi ties and the terrible PR that incident caused for Vought. As a result of her actions, the superhuman military program has been confirmed to have shut down, much to the ire of reporter Cameron Coleman.

This was a huge plot point in previous seasons, as it was revealed that the entire program was a setup for superhumans and Vought to take more control over the world. The most interesting part of all of this is that the super-terrorists they created to push the program forward are still a threat, meaning they will likely play an even larger role in this season. 

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