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Cris Tales: Can You Skip Cutscenes? Answered

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Cris Tales: Can You Skip Cutscenes? Answered

Cris Tales, a love letter to colorful RPGs of yesteryear, with a modern feel, has finally released on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC. The game’s art style really pops and you’re often treated to some lovely voiced cutscenes featuring the game’s characters, including the hero: Crisabel. However, you don’t always want to have the characters yapping at you, especially if you’re rewatching cutscenes for whatever reason. What you want and reality doesn’t always coincide, though. In this quick guide, we’ll go over what the deal is with skipping cutscenes in Cris Tales.

Can You Skip Cutscenes in Cris Tales?

Let’s cut right to the answer. As far as we know, at the moment you cannot skip cutscenes in Cris Tales. Bizarrely, this might also include the opening cutscene that plays each time you open the game up. This is at least the case on Xbox, the platform we are playing on at the moment.

It’s possible that other platforms, especially PC, may have the option to skip cutscenes. If that’s the case please let us know down in the comments below. That said, it would be odd for one platform to not have a very basic feature while others do, I’d wager that you probably can’t skip cutscenes in Cris Tales, full stop.

This doesn’t mean that one day, perhaps, the developers, Modus, can’t patch the ability to skip cutscenes in Cris Tales, but as of right now, it doesn’t appear that it’s possible.

Sorry we have to be the bearer of bad news, but hopefully, you got your answer at least. Check out our recent coverage of this colorful RPG from Modus right here.

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