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Valorant Van 40, 68, & 84 Error Codes: What They Mean & How to Fix

valorant error code

Valorant Van 40, 68, & 84 Error Codes: What They Mean & How to Fix

Ever since its launch last year, Riot Games’ support of its popular tactical shooter Valorant has been impressive. But that doesn’t mean the game doesn’t still have its fair share of issues, including a number of frustrating error codes that can occasionally stop players from booting a match. Here we’ll explain what the Valorant Van 38, 40, 68, & 84 Error Codes mean and how to fix them.

What Valorant “VAN Error Codes” Mean

Valorant VAN Error codes are essentially connection errors that occur when either Riot Games’ servers are down or your own connection to the game has somehow corrupted. The errors are often related to Valorant’s Vanguard anti-cheat system; as in, it has not booted properly and, therefore, the game will not function.

Fixing each error code typically involves either tweaking your own internet connection or waiting for Riot to solve the issue on their end.

Unfortunately, as we’ll discuss below, most Van Error Codes are not really fixable.

Valorant Error 40 Explained

Along with 38, 39, 46, and 54, Valorant Error Code 40 will bring up a prompt that explains “There was an error connecting to your platform. Please restart your game client.”

As you may have discovered, however, often rebooting your client does not fix the issue. So what gives? Well, all of these are connection errors on Riot Games’ end. There really are no fixes for these error codes other than waiting it out and hoping that Riot quickly resolves the issue.

Your first stop should be to check Valorant’s server status, which you can do here. If the server status is fine and you’re still getting these error codes consistently then there may be an issue with Vanguard or the game that requires a full reinstall.

How to Fix Van 68 Error

According to Riot Games’ support site, Van Error 68 means that “VALORANT can’t seem to fetch your owned content.” The solution is to “restart the Riot Client.”

However, “if the problem persists, please check the Support Site banners. If there are no issues with the Client.”

Valorant Van 84 Error Explained

Van 84 is a rarer connection issue that will crop up during unplanned server outages. Again, though, the solution is to simply wait it out.

For now, that’s everything we know about Valorant’s new map. For more on the game, search Twinfinite. You should also see some related content below.

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