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The Waylanders Delayed to Fall 2021 as New Early Access Update Launches

the waylanders

The Waylanders Delayed to Fall 2021 as New Early Access Update Launches

Developer Gato Salvaje has today announced that its Celtic action-RPG The Waylanders, which has been in Early Access for over a year, has been delayed until later this year. No specific release date has been disclosed, but a Fall release window is being targeted.

Gato Salvaje co-founder Fernando Prieto explained the delay in a statement included in a press release sent to Twinfintie:

“We got a little quiet during development over the Spring and I’d like to apologize to the community for that. We’ve been hard at work improving The Waylanders content that players have access to using community feedback and building the next portion of the story. You’ll be hearing more from us on social media and in our Discord in the coming months.”

“Development during Covid has been very challenging, an issue many indie developers have been experiencing over the past year. We’ve had to revamp many of our processes and change up how we work with people outside of the studio, such as our voice actors. We’ve solved many of these challenges and we feel confident that RPG fans will see the full version of The Waylanders released this Fall.”

In other more positive news, Early Access players will benefit from a brand new update this month that brings full controller support, difficulty options, improvements to combat and UI, as well as a selection of new NPC combat barks and lighting improvements throughout many scenarios and cutscenes.

Additionally, Gato has pledged to an update content roadmap that it plans to deliver over the coming months ahead of the game’s full launch. Here’s a snapshot:

Twinfinite previewed The Waylanders last year, and though we were excited to see the game’s potential unfold over the coming months it was clearly in a very early access state at the time which was difficult to recommend. Subsequent updates have, however, markedly improved the experience and we’re looking forward to experiencing the final build later this year.

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