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Scarlet Nexus: How to Give Gifts

Scarlet Nexus How to Give Gifts

Scarlet Nexus: How to Give Gifts

There’s more to Scarlet Nexus than slicing your way through otherworldly monstrosities. In addition to hacking and slashing, you’ll also need to build stronger bonds with your teammates to increase the strength of their powers, learn more about their backstories, and otherwise build up trust with them. As such, it’s vital to know how to give Gifts in Scarlet Nexus, as it’s one of the fastest ways to get these bonds to form fast.

Luckily for you, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about the subject into this guide. Read on to find out how you get these items and how to give them to your party members of choice.

Before going further though, a quick note: You won’t be able to give Gifts to teammates until you reach the story’s Standby Phase 2. If you haven’t reached this point yet, focus on advancing the main story until you reach this point.

How to Give Gifts in Scarlet Nexus

Upon reaching Standby Phase 2 in Scarlet Nexus, you’ll gain the ability to give Gifts to your party members.

While talking to any given party member in the Hideout, the option to give them a Gift will show up in their interactions menu. Select this option, and you’ll then be able to select a gift to give them.

As for how you can get Gifts, there are a few different methods available to you. Some can be obtained from the shop by exchanging items, while others are given to you as rewards for completing the game’s sidequests. Yet others can be found free of charge out in the field, and appear as floating green item orbs you can collect.

Regardless of the method you choose, obtaining them is well worth the effort and highly advised for anyone who wants to maximize their enjoyment of the game.

Hopefully this cleared up how to give Gifts in Scarlet Nexus. For more on the game, check out our guide wiki. It has guides that can help you understand other mechanics from the game and walk you through the ones the game doesn’t explain well.

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