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Mario Golf Super Rush: Can You Control Shot Shift? Answered

mario golf super rush shift

Mario Golf Super Rush: Can You Control Shot Shift? Answered

The long-awaited return of the Mario Golf franchise is finally here. And there’s a brand new feature known as Shot Shift that can swing your shots left or right. Here’s everything you need to know about if you have the ability to control Shot Shift in Mario Golf Super Rush.

Can You Control Shot Shift in Mario Golf Super Rush?

You’re probably here because you just started playing Mario Golf Super Rush and you’re just used to bombing the ball down the fairway from every tee shot. And then all of a sudden an exclamation mark appears to the left or right and your ball goes flying into the rough.

Don’t worry, you didn’t do anything wrong. It’s just a new feature added in Mario Golf Super Rush known as Shift. You may notice the red areas on either side of the shot gauge. The wider these areas are, the higher chance there is that your shot will shift left or right.

That’s the unfortunate truth if you’re a big fan of just blasting shots right up the gut. When we say there’s a higher chance of your shot shifting, that means you’re not able to control if your ball flies off course or even by how much if it does. The best course of action is to just press A or B before the gauge reaches the area where it can shift since there’s no way to control it.

Unfortunately, there’s no way you can control Shot Shift in Mario Golf Super Rush, but at least now you know the answer and you can stop trying. However, there are a handful of other ways to adjust shots that you can use to your advantage. And if you want to learn anything more about Mario Golf Super Rush, then just check out our guide wiki on the game for tons of great information.

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