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Fan-Made Legend of Zelda Comic Illustrates a Female Link Joining the Yiga Clan

The Legend of Zelda, A New Calamity

Fan-Made Legend of Zelda Comic Illustrates a Female Link Joining the Yiga Clan

While we’ve seen a fair amount of interpretations of the story of the Legend of Zelda over the years, all of Link’s adventures tend to revolve around saving Hyrule. But what would it be like to experience a different journey for this character? One where Link even works bring back Ganon. That, and many more unique angles, is exactly what A New Calamity centers around.

Created by artist Faith April, this fan-made Legend of Zelda comic not only follows a female version of Link, named Linke, but also illustrates what it would look like if the character joined the Yiga Clan.

In the video above, you can actually see this idea come to life, as the artist decided to color in and dub the comic strip, which shows off this unique depiction of Linke and Ganon’s relationship. In this version, the two actually come to an agreement, leading to the legendary warrior joining up with Ganondorf’s last devoted followers, the Yiga Clan, to try and bring him back.

What follows is an interesting approach to exploring Hyrule, as Linke goes on adventures and serves amongst the Yiga Clan, providing a brand new lens in which to experience this beloved world and story.

Currently, the comic for A New Calamity is on page 338, chapter 11. Anyone interested in checking it out can head over to its official Patreon page, where you can get full access to new strips as soon as they come out for free. For anyone looking to support the creator, there are multiple donation tiers, including ones that give you basic membership and others that net you unique sketches created by Faith April.

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