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Best PS5 Games to Play in 2021

best ps5 games 2021

Best PS5 Games to Play in 2021

Now that Sony’s latest console is out in the wild and starting to properly hit its stride, players will no doubt be looking for the very best games to push their consoles to the limit this year. From engrossing RPGs set amid spectacularly beautiful open-worlds to intense platforming experiences sure to test your reflexes, here we’ve compiled the very best PS5 games as of 2021 so far.


Best PS5 Games 2021

Developer Housemarque has long been praised as one of Sony’s most capable first-party studios, but while brilliant arcade shooters such as Nex Machina earned critical acclaim, they never quite performed on the commercial level. Something needed to change; Housemarque needed to reinvent itself with a bigger, bolder vision while staying true to the studio’s signature focus on intense action and quality gameplay. Returnal is the brainchild of that initiative, and boy is it great.

In Returnal, the core of Housemarque’s style remains intact as bullet-hell and arcade design meets third-person, over-the-shoulder shooting mechanics in a furious harmony that just feels astonishingly good to play. The step-up in production quality from its previous games is also marked, boasting some of the best visuals on PS5 to date. They help to bring to life an eerie alien planet that serves as the engrossing location for Returnal’s mysterious story.

Be warned, though, Returnal is a punishing affair that will test your gaming skills and patience to the maximum. You’re forced to quickly adapt to an unfamiliar but satisfying mashup of intense shooting and intense platforming as you plow throw waves of enemy aliens to level up your gear and make it to the next area. If you die, you’re back to square one, and so the cycle continues on and on in a devilishly morish loop that can sap hours of time. But we wouldn’t have it any other way and we can’t recommend Returnal enough.

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