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20 Best Anime You Can Watch on Hulu (2021)


20 Best Anime You Can Watch on Hulu (2021)

Hulu is home to a variety of shows and movies to watch across a number of genres. From horror flicks to comedy series, there’s something for everyone to binge to their heart’s content. It also has a metric ton of anime to peruse for those interested, and that’s why we’re here to show you the 20 best anime you can watch on Hulu in 2021.


Best Anime You Can Watch on Hulu

Image Source: TMS Entertainment

Anime that aren’t based on a pre-existing manga or property are a rarity nowadays, but those that do pop up tend to carry a high benchmark of quality.

Case in point: Megalobox, a series that follows the rise and fall of underground boxer Joe in a technologically-modded version of the pugilistic sport, is a cut above most anime offerings in general. Though its animation isn’t exceptional, its story and characters are some of the best around. Their desires for greatness, belonging, and family are sure to hook fans of underdog stories and epic tragedies alike.

It’s also a quick and breezy watch. There are currently 22 episodes to dig into, with the second season entering its final stretch. As such, you won’t be required to devote days of your life to the series and can knock it out within a day if you wanted to.

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