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Resident Evil Village: Are There Cheats? Answered

cheat codes resident evil village

Resident Evil Village: Are There Cheats? Answered

Resident Evil Village has arrived, and fans of the long-time horror series, or fans of giant vampire ladies, are digging into the latest, and hopefully greatest, from Capcom and Resident Evil. The series has taken some twists and turns over the years and seems to have settled into a new blend of survival horror and action. If you’re here, though, you’re probably wondering if there are cheats in Resident Evil Village? After all, we’ve seen them in previous games from Capcom, is it in this one too?

Cheat Codes in Resident Evil Village

So let’s cut right to the chase. There are cheats in Resident Evil Village (sort of) but they aren’t accessible during your initial main campaign run.

To unlock the cheats in Resident Evil Village you first need to beat the main campaign once. You can do this at any speed, and any way that you want. There’s no special requirement, just beat the game.

After you’ve beaten the game at least once, you will gain the ability to buy cheats using Challenge Points from the Bonus section of the Main Menu. Challenge Points are earned by defeating bosses, killing a certain amount of enemies, and other similar goals.

The cheats are focused around infinite ammo for your weapons. You can buy infinite ammo cheats for certain guns using your Challenge Points and can activate these cheats once you’ve bought them via the Bonus menu.

That’s all you need to know about cheat codes in Resident Evil Village. For more on the Resident Evil Village, check out our guide wiki which is filled with tips, tricks, and info on plenty of FAQs.

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