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Mass Effect 1: How to Override Security Locks & Open Locked Doors

mass effect 1 bypass security locks

Mass Effect 1: How to Override Security Locks & Open Locked Doors

On your adventure with the Normandy squad in Mass Effect 1, you’re going to come across security locks. Perhaps it’s a locked door, or a container you think might hold some valuable gear for your team. Regardless of what the security lock is barring you entry to, the means of overriding it remains the same. Here’s what you need to know to bypass security locks and open locked doors in Mass Effect.

The good news is that the act of overriding security locks is simple when you know what you need to do. The main thing to keep in mind here is that you or your squad members will need to have the right amount of Skill Points in either the Decryption or Electronics skill tree. If you’re not the correct level, then you won’t be able to even attempt the minigame.

Overriding the Security Locks in Mass Effect

All you need to do is press the button that flashes in the form of a QTE minigame. As long as you do this correctly, and have the right Decryption or Electronics level, you should bypass the lock. Try to take your time and not rush if you’re having trouble. Obviously you can’t take too much time but if you’re panic pressing you’re going to fail.

mass effect bypass security locks

Using Omni-Gel

If you fail the overriding mini-game, all hope is not lost. You can use Omni-gel to bypass the security lock by using the option when interacting with the lock.

Omni-Gel can be obtained fairly easily by breaking down any of your level I or II gear, or any other guff you have lying about in your inventory. We recommend breaking down any of your low-level gear, as it doesn’t sell for anything really, anyway, so you’re not missing out.

That’s everything you need to know on opening locked doors and overriding security locks in Mass Effect. Head over to our Mass Effect Legendary Edition wiki for more tips and tricks.

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