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Hood Outlaws & Legends: Is There Cross-Gen & Crossplay? Answered

hood outlaws & legends cross-gen

Hood Outlaws & Legends: Is There Cross-Gen & Crossplay? Answered

While developer Sumo Digital’s intriguing new heist game can be played as a solo queue experience, it truly comes into its own when you’re playing with friends. Of course, not all your buddies are likely to be playing on the same platform. So, is there cross-gen and crossplay in Hood: Outlaws & Legends? Here’s what you need to know.

Is There Cross-Gen & Crossplay in Hood Outlaws & Legends? Answered

The answer is both yes and no, confusingly. While there is cross-gen and crossplay that allows you to lobby with players across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms, you aren’t able to actually party with friends who are using a different platform.

In the game’s FAQ page, publisher Focus Home explains the decision:

While matchmaking will draw from different platforms, it will not be possible to invite players from other platforms to your team at launch. This is because we decided early in the project that we didn’t want to impose an account creation on players.

It means you can play the game without having to create a “Hood account”, making for a smoother experience when you start the game, and we’re happy about that!

But it also means we have no way to track each user outside of their own platform ecosystem (Steam, PlayStation account, Xbox account, etc.), which means we can’t create bridges between platforms, including invitations.

On the bright side, Focus Home has at least suggested that it will consider implementing the feature after launch, stating that “it would be great to bring this after release,” but that the team will “have to evaluate how much players want this because this is a big chunk of work.”

We’ll keep you posted if that turns out to be the case.

For now, that’s all you need to know whether there is cross-gen & crossplay in Hood Outlaws & Legends. For more tips and tricks, search for Twinfinite or see more of our coverage on the game below.

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