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Best Xbox Series X|S Co-Op Games to Play in 2021


Best Xbox Series X|S Co-Op Games to Play in 2021

While the Xbox Series X|S may have only released back in November 2020, there are still plenty of great co-op games to play with friends, family, and partners in 2021. Largely thanks to backwards compatibility, the Series X|S has a wide variety of co-op games ranging from looter shooters to open-world creative sandboxes and everything in between.

Down below, you’ll find our picks for the best Xbox Series X|S co-op games so far in 2021. This list focuses primarily on games that have received Series X|S optimizations, though there are a few on here that haven’t but had to make the list because they’re so darn good regardless.

Editor’s Note: We’ll be continuing to update this list with any new co-op titles that we feel make the cut, so be sure to keep checking back for the latest and greatest games to play with friends on Xbox Series X|S.

It Takes Two

Best Xbox Series X|S Co-Op Games 2021

While It Takes Two also released on the Xbox One, it looks and plays a heck of a lot better on the Xbox Series X|S. The game sees two parents shrunk down into little doll forms where they must work together to tackle various obstacles and boss fights that represent the trials and tribulations of their faltering relationship.

What makes It Takes Two so darn good is the way in which the game is constantly drip-feeding you new mechanics to vary up the gameplay, and the way in which these mechanics force you and your co-op partner to work together.

Playing on Series X, you’ll notice much crisper visuals thanks to an increased resolution and improved lighting and shadow effects all-round. It’ll also load that little bit faster thanks to the Series X’s SSD, which we’re not going to complain about.

If you’re looking for a fun, lighthearted co-op game for you and a friend (or that special someone) then look no further. The gameplay is accessible, enjoyable, and a stellar example of how co-op games should be done.

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