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4 Anime Villain Hideouts That Are Cool Enough to Be on Airbnb


4 Anime Villain Hideouts That Are Cool Enough to Be on Airbnb

In anime, most of the villains that oppose our heroic protagonists tend to live in some pretty dumpy places. Whether it’s the rundown bar of the League of Villains in My Hero Academia or the Akatsuki’s cave in Naruto, these hideouts definitely aren’t ones you’d want to stay in overnight.

And while that certainly makes sense, considering the age-old adage that crime never pays, there are some extraordinary exceptions to that rule. These are the four villain hideouts that are cool enough to be on Airbnb.

(Featured Image Source: MAPPA via Crunchyroll)

Teppelin – Gurren Lagann

Cool Anime Villain Hideouts

Villain Hideout
Image Source: Gainax via Netflix

In the world of Gurren Lagann, there is no place you’d rather live than in Teppelin, the beastmen headquarters and home of the show’s antagonists, Lordgenome. This massive drill-shaped fortress is so big, it touches the clouds, meaning there is plenty of space to stretch your legs and set up shop throughout. 

On top of the space, Teppelin is also the safest place in the neighborhood, as it has its own security system and armed patrols to help keep out pesky human attackers. There is no place on the planet that you’ll feel more comfortable.

Considering the alternative is to live underground with very little resources, light, or food, Teppelin is also quite literally paradise by comparison. 

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