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10 Things to Do First in Biomutant


10 Things to Do First in Biomutant

Spend Time Creating the Perfect Character for You

things to do first in biomutant

First things first, you’ll need to create your character in Biomutant. This isn’t a case of just deciding how they look. You’ll have to pick their Breed, Mutations, Class on top of their fur colors and pattern. It’s quite in-depth and gives you a ton of control over your cuddly creature’s build.

Will you opt for the Fip breed with boosted Ki to help deliver more powerful Psi-powers and abilities, or will you opt for Dumdon which is an all-out melee build? The option is completely yours, but it doesn’t stop there. The Class options allow you to finetune this even further with the type of weapons your character will be most proficient at.

Once you’ve wrapped up the more technical details, you’re free to pick your fur colors and patterns to truly make the protagonist your own. How’s yours looking?

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