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4 Reasons Even Non-Soccer Fans Will Love Ted Lasso


4 Reasons Even Non-Soccer Fans Will Love Ted Lasso

Ever since Ted Lasso debuted on Apple TV last year, it has been turning heads, as its unique premise of making an American football coach the head of an English Premier League soccer club pulled fans of both sports in. Even with this interesting premise, though, not everyone is going to want to hop onboard the Lasso express, especially when dealing with US viewers that aren’t as into soccer as the rest of the world is.

Ted Lasso is more than just a show about soccer, though, and we are here to tell you all about it just in time for season 2. Here are four reasons that even non-soccer fans will love Ted Lasso.

(Featured Image Source: Apple TV)

It Isn’t Too Complicated

Ted Lasso
Image Source: Apple TV

The first thing people are likely going to think when they hear that Ted Lasso is a show about a football coach leading a soccer team is “I don’t understand that sport or sports in general, so no thanks.” That sentiment is completely understandable, as soccer can be complicated from the outside looking in.

The thing about Ted Lasso is that even though there are a lot of core elements of soccer and the strategies that make up its foundation, the majority of the show deals with everything that goes on around the game. The bulk of the storylines that make up its plot revolves around the social lives of the players, coaches, and owners, delving into relationships and dealing with the team’s losing ways.

In total, there are only a few minutes or so even devoted to on-field play, none of which are at all confusing, unless of course your AFC Richmond’s head coach. Honestly, non-sports fans will probably like Ted Lasso just as much, if not more than sports fans, as they’ll find Ted’s constant confusion regarding the sport of soccer to be both hilarious and relatable.

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