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Nier Replicant: How to Get Sardines

Nier Replicant How to Get Sardines

Nier Replicant: How to Get Sardines

There is a plethora of fish to catch in Nier Replicant, and each one has its own quirks to deal with. Some only appear in certain bodies of water. Others require specific bait to reel in, and others still need to be hooked at specific times. The Sardine is guilty of having all these traits, and as such, you’ve probably been left with more than a few headaches while trying to figure out how to get Sardines in Nier Replicant.

Fortunately for you, we have the answers you’re looking for. Below you’ll find details on where Sardines are found, what bait they prefer, and how you can reel them in without fail.

How to Get Sardines in Nier Replicant

Sardines are a wall of entry when it comes to fishing in Nier Replicant. They’re the first fish you’ll be tasked with catching for the old fisherman, and they’ll serve as a tutorial for taking part in the mini-game proper.

To catch them, you’ll need to fish on the beach to the right of the old fisherman on the pier in Seafront. Not only that, but you’ll need to use Lugworms as bait, as they’re a saltwater fish that prefer low-tier saltwater bait. Lugworms can be purchased from the bait shop in Seafront for 10 gold apiece.

Nier Replicant How to Get Sardines

Grab some Lugworms, and then head to the beach next to the old fisherman in Seafront. Press the Circle Button on PlayStation 4 or the B Button on Xbox One to fish in the ocean, then apply the Lugworm as bait before casting your line.

After that, you’ll need to wait for your line to be tugged deep into the water. This will show that a fish has taken your bait and is on the line, and the fish will typically nibble the line once or twice, pulling the line slightly.

If the line is pulled down deep on the third tug after a fish bites your line, then you can be sure it’s a Sardine. Start reeling in the line when this occurs by pulling the left analog stick toward you, in the opposite direction of the rippling water. For example: If it’s in front of you, then pull directly backward. If it’s to your left, then pull back and to the right.

After a bit of struggling, the fish’s HP will be depleted and you’ll be able to pull it in.

How to Buy Sardines

Sardines can also be bought from the fish and bait shops in Nier Replicant, but only after completing the first Fisherman’s Gambit quest.

They’ll be sold for 250 gold apiece, and will always be available after these shops start selling them. This can make getting several of them for side quests like Bon Appetit! far easier.

Hopefully, this cleared up how to get Sardines in Nier Replicant. For more on the game’s fishing mechanics, check out our guide wiki. It has detailed guides on how to catch everything from Blowfish to Sharks.

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