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Nier Replicant: How to Catch Dunkleosteus

Nier Replicant How to Catch Dunkleosteus

Nier Replicant: How to Catch Dunkleosteus

There are fish that are difficult to catch in Nier Replicant, and then there’s the Dunkleosteus. One of the rarest aquatic creatures you can reel in, it can take hours to even get a bite from it. Even then, it’ll fight you every step of the way, snapping your line with ease if you aren’t careful. As such, we don’t blame you for needing some help figuring out how to catch the Dunkleosteus in Nier Replicant.

To that end, we’ve compiled a detailed guide for your reference down below. It’ll cover everything from where it spawns most often to what bait to use, as well as what the fish’s bite pattern is.

Before going any further though, it’s worth noting that your chances of catching this beast without being at the maximum fishing level is slim to nil. Details on how to reach this pinnacle can be found in our Fisherman’s Gambit Quest Series guide.

How to Catch the Dunkleosteus in Nier Replicant

The best way to get the Dunkleosteus in Nier Replicant is to fish with the Lure off the beach next to where to old fisherman hangs out in Seafront. Just head to the very end of the market street and then fish on the right side of the pier he’s standing on.

Nier Replicant How to Catch Dunkleosteus

However, don’t expect to catch your target right off the bat. It has an incredibly low chance of biting your line, and you’ll be relying on RNG for it to appear.

Stay patient, and wait for your line to be nibbled three times in quick succession. This will mean that a Dunkleosteus has definitely taken your bait, and you’ll be good to reel in your line right after the third bite.

From there, it’ll be the same song and dance used while catching any other fish in Nier Replicant. Pull the left analog stick back in the opposite direction of the ripples the struggling catch creates. If the ripples are directly in front of you, pull the stick directly back toward you. If the ripples are to your left, pull the stick back and to the right.

In time, the fish’s HP will be depleted and you’ll have pulled in a Dunkleosteus for yourself.

That’s all there is to know about how to catch the Dunkleosteus in Nier Replicant. For more on the game, check out our guide wiki, or any of the related articles down below. They should have everything and anything you’re looking for, including tips for catching every fish in the game and the most recent news regarding the Nier series.

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