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MLB The Show 21: How to Change Positions (Ballplayer)

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MLB The Show 21: How to Change Positions (Ballplayer)

MLB The Show 21’s Ballplayer overhauls a lot of the create-a-player system of previous editions especially when it comes to Road to the Show (RTTS). It’s a controversial change that not everyone is in love with, but like it or not, that’s what’s in the game currently. A lot of readers are confused about how to change positions in MLB The Show 21, and how to make your ballplayer play a different position. Here’s everything we know.

How to Change Ballplayer Position in MLB the Show 21

Ballplayer is the new system for creating a player in MLB The Show 21’s RTTS and Diamond Dynasty modes. You can level up your ballplayer in either mode, and create loadouts that allow them to be ready to play any position on the field that you have access to.

That last part is important because, at first, you cannot change to any position you want in MLB The Show 21. You’re limited to a few, which is part of the reason why some players are unhappy with this change.

To tinker with your player’s position, enter the Ballplayer menu in the top left-hand corner of your screen while in the main menu and then go to Loadout. Once in Loadout, you’ll notice that you can select an Archetype for your player such as Painter or Sparkplug on the top left part of this menu. Whatever archetype you choose determines the position of your ballplayer and whether you’ll be hitting or pitching.

You’ll notice that when you pick it, your position will change. Some positions, like SS, are not available right at the start. By leveling up specific archetypes which is done through programs and completing RTTS and Diamond Dynasty missions, you’ll be able to eventually unlock new ones that you can create new loadouts for.

That’s all you need to know for how to change positions in MLB The Show 21. If you’re still a bit confused let us know in the comments below and we can try and help you out. For our full thoughts on the game, you can check out our complete MLB The Show 21 review.

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