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Halo Infinite Gets New Screenshots Showing PC Aspect Ratio, Field of View, & Options

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite Gets New Screenshots Showing PC Aspect Ratio, Field of View, & Options

Today 343 Industries released a gallery of new screenshots of the upcoming first-person shooter Halo Infinite.

The images focus on showcaing the PC options for the game, following the post from earlier today that announced cross-play and cross-progression between PC and consoles.

We get to see resolution aspect ratios including 32:9 super ultrawide and beyond and adjustable fields of view (FOV).

On top of that, we take a look at several options that will be available on PC. We’ll be able to set a minimum frame rate which will activate dynamic resolution scaling, and specify a maximum FPS count (or leave it uncapped if we so wish).

Triple keybinds will be available for mouse and keyboard players, and the graphics options appear to be very comprehensive.

You can check out the gallery below.

We also hear several updates from the developers on a variety of topics.

  • We’ve been conducting external flights and playtesting with a very small external group representing a variety of backgrounds. Getting to see folks outside the company experience the game for the first time is a thrill. The feedback we’ve been getting has been heartening in many areas, and impactful in others. Seeing a turnaround in opinion based on changes is truly gratifying. Rest assured, now that we’ve gotten our feet wet over the last couple of months, we’re progressing towards expanding playtesting opportunities as soon as we can, so keep those Halo Insider profiles updated!” –Sam Hanshaw, Live Producer
  • “When we set out to rebuild the HCS program for Halo Infinite one of the main things we wanted to accomplish was to lock and announce a full year roadmap ahead of the game’s release. Every qualifier, every live event. All dates, cities, and venues out there publicly so that everyone in the ecosystem knew what the plan was. We knew this would be difficult, but I don’t think we realized just how difficult it was going to be. Multiple times we’ve had to pick up our plans and move them around to support the game’s new release date as well as Covid-19 and now what we hope to be a safer world to hold events in with the proliferation of the various vaccines. Just a few weeks ago on Twitter we let the community know that the venue for the first event had been secured and today we’re excited to say the venue for the Halo World Championship is also secured. Now that doesn’t mean that everything in between is all locked up yet but it’s just so exciting to finally see our plans come together after all this time and all of the challenges we’ve been through. Thanks to the all competitors and fans for sticking with it, and we can’t wait to cheer for the amazing matches alongside all of you.” –Tahir Hasandjekic, Esports Lead
  • “Working on this game has been an incredible journey, full of far more adventures and anecdotes than we have room for here. Not a moment goes by where I’m not ridiculously humbled to be weaving creative threads alongside folks I admire on the game’s talented and tireless narrative team—folks like Paul Crocker, Dan Chosich, Aaron Linde, and the new guy… Joseph Staten, I think it is? There are so many stories to be told, new strands to uncover. Keeping with the theme of some of our recent Inside Infinite focuses, one of the things I’m particularly excited about is the breadth of discoverable audio log content to be unearthed and dissected, helping bring further life to the world you’ll be exploring (small glimpse of which you may have already heard). Watching as content grows from an idea, to script, to being brought to life in the VO booth by our actors, audio teams and partners—it never gets old. I for one can’t wait for you all to learn more, and even better, experience it all for yourself.” –Jeff Easterling, Franchise & Narrative Writer
  • “During this part of development, every little detail really comes together. I have been working closely with our Audio and FX teams making sure all the multiplayer game mode events shine. When you capture a Flag in Halo Infinite, everyone will know, and it will be an amazing feeling. We are using Sound and FX to give vital information in new ways to allow players to make more impactful decisions in a match. I am also working very closely with Audio tuning our VO systems to be the best yet. I am making sure our Announcer, Spartan Chatter, and [Redacted] all work in tandem to deliver a super clear, but also immersive experience. You can see the promise of all these details throughout development but now it really starts to become greater than the sum of its parts.” –Patrick Wren, Multiplayer Designer
  • “As we work to finish development and find creative ways to deliver the team’s overall vision, beautiful art, and immersive experiences across different supported platforms, we often need to make trade-offs that allow us to ship the game we envisioned at the cost of incurring a ‘technical debt’ against our future. These decisions are never made lightly and are typically done in the service of our players and delivering the best experience possible but these ‘debts’ must still be paid or they can come due at the worst times. Developing Halo 4 and Halo 5 were challenging in their own rights and we learned a lot from each of them. Though we had successfully delivered those games, we knew that the tools we had wouldn’t be enough to achieve our vision for the future. With Halo Infinite, many of our most fundamental tools received significant overhauls, not only to work off that debt but also avoid and be able to pay down new debt more effectively than before. As the release of Infinite nears it feels like we are picking up momentum to continue improving, strengthening, expanding the tools through release and beyond. This undertaking and investment in our tools has taken considerable time and effort, and it’s still ongoing, but what I’m most proud of is the fact that we are building something for the future.”  –Chris Howard, Pipeline Engineer
  • “The Halo Waypoint team has been hard at work on the next generation of Halo’s applications and website, coming soon! This is a complete rebuild of our tech stack to deliver a richer experience for you and an improved toolset for the studio. Halo Waypoint will now be available as a native iOS and Android app, in addition to the website, replacing the existing Halo Channel app. Most recently, the team has been focused on Halo Infinite features such as customization and progression, and navigating the challenges associated with translating those features to web and pocket-sized devices. We plan to share much more in the future, so I’ll leave with this parting wisdom: Prepare your hardware accelerators.”  –Kevin “KP” Paul, Senior Program Manager

Halo Infinite will release this fall on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

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