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Fans Celebrate Anime Day With Their Favorite Stories via Twitter

anime day

Fans Celebrate Anime Day With Their Favorite Stories via Twitter

It is time to celebrate anime fans, as national anime day is finally upon us! On this day, fans give thanks to the art of the medium, showing their appreciation for all of the great stories that it has brought us over the years.

Usually, everyone would be heading to a convention to celebrate this day, dressing up as their favorite characters, buying plenty of manga, and seeing the show’s voice actors in person. With the circumstances how they are currently, though, fans have found another way to celebrate, choosing to post their anime stories to Twitter instead.

To join in on the spirit of that celebration, we’ve compiled our favorite Twitter posts about anime day down below. Be sure to leave a comment telling us about why you love anime, as well as which ones are your favorites in the comments down below.

We hope these posts inspired your own favorite memories, or maybe even pointed you in the direction of some new anime you can fall in love with. If nothing else, hopefully they brightened your day at least a little.

If you’re still itching for some more anime-oriented content to celebrate anime day, be sure to check out all of our content below. You’ll find everything you could ever need, including stuff about shows like Re:Zero, Black Clover, The Promised Neverland, and much more.

(Featured Image Source: Time Magazine)

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