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5 Questions We Still Have After Re:Zero Season 2’s Finale


5 Questions We Still Have After Re:Zero Season 2’s Finale

With the dust having settled from Re:Zero’s second season, it’s safe to say the series has moved forward in some big ways. Big reveals have been made, and Subaru has inched closer to uncovering the truth behind the circumstances surrounding his new and fantastical life. Not every plotline has been tied up though, resulting in these five questions we still have after Re:Zero Season 2’s finale.

Spoiler Warning: The following goes into heavy detail about the plot of the first and second seasons of Re:Zero. If you want to avoid these spoilers, we recommend you don’t read any further.

What Is the Witch of Envy’s Goal?

Re:Zero Season 2 Questions

Questions We Still Have After Re:Zero Season 2's Finale
Image Source: Whit Fox via Crunchyroll

Re:Zero Season 2 gave us our first real glimpse at who Satella, the Witch of Envy, really is.

Though just as warped as the other witches, she does legitimately care for Subaru. The Return from Death ability she granted to him was meant to keep him safe, and to allow him to survive the dangers he would encounter in her world.

She also tells him in his meeting with every Witch that she hopes it will make him think about himself more, and to care about himself the same way he does about others. At the same time, though, she does seem incredibly hostile toward anyone aside from him. In one timeline, she went so far as to kill all the residents of the Sanctuary, only sparing Subaru for reasons unknown.

This raises one major question: What does Satella actually want? Is she protecting Subaru for a specific reason, or was he simply the first person she could get a hold of in order to achieve a larger goal? Does her resemblance to Emilia run deeper than simple chance, and tie into why she cares for him so much?

Even after the credits rolled on Season 2, this was left unclear, so hopefully Season 3 can offer some insight whenever it airs.

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