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Everything We Know About Valorant’s New Map Breeze

valorant new map

Everything We Know About Valorant’s New Map Breeze

Valorant’s one-year anniversary is fast approaching, and though the Riot’s post-launch support up until this point has been thoroughly impressive we’re still playing a map pool only five strong. A new map, however, is finally expected to launch sometime in the near future. Precise details on what sort of a layout and design it will have are thin so far, but nonetheless, here we’ll be recapping everything we know about it so far.

Update 04/21: Riot has released new teaser images showcasing some sort of castle, and it has also confirmed that the map name is Breeze. Images are below*.

Update 04/22: A Korean trailer for Breeze has been leaked. Credit to @floxayyy, @cynprel, and @alexs0ghost:

Everything We Know About Valorant’s New Map

Thanks to an official teaser from Riot itself, we already know that Valorant’s next map will have a distinctly tropical theme. It should give it a unique flavor that we haven’t yet seen in the game, though it remains to be seen whether the map itself will be based around a beach town or set within some sort of wilderness.

Perhaps the above image indicates we might be battling it out across some sort of island resort? Below, you can watch a brief video teaser spotted by ValorLeaks that features some ambient sounds that seem to at least suggest we’ll certainly be beach-side. And if I’m not mistaken those are Caribbean instruments playing in the background.

What’s more, we not only know the map’s theme but, thanks to a leak from Riot’s Vietnamese Twitter page, its name too: Valorant’s next map is called Breeze.

*New images:

Some of you may have noticed that there’s already a brochure teasing “Discover Breeze” in Haven’s A heaven:

When Valorant’s New Map Breeze Will Launch?

There’s no confirmed launch date for Breeze as yet, but it is expected to launch either at the start of the next Act or at the very latest the next Episode. That means it might join the rotation as early as next week, or it might be held back for the start of Valorant’s third Episode in about a month’s time.

The tell will be whether we get a trailer for Breeze in the coming days. Given that when Icebox, Valorant’s last new map, was first teased we got a trailer only days after, it’s possible we’ll see the same schedule for Breeze. If that ends up being the case, I’d bank on Breeze launching in tandem with Act III in just seven days time.

Of course, we’ll keep you posted with new information as soon as we hear, and we’ll keep this article up to date moving forward.

For now, that’s everything we know about Valorant’s new map. For more on the game, search Twinfinite. You should also see some related content below.

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