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Destiny 2’s 2021 Guardian Games Unveiled With New Trailer & Info


Destiny 2’s 2021 Guardian Games Unveiled With New Trailer & Info

While we’ve known the Guardian Games were incoming to Destiny 2 for quite some time now, today we have a clearer look at what form it’s going to take when it goes live next Tuesday,

Last year’s Guardian Games were a bit underwhelming as it mostly boiled down which class had the stomach to complete the most bounties over a period of time during a time where bounties were hitting their peak in terms of how big a piece of the Destiny 2 routine they commanded.

This year it appears to be a bit different. There will be a medal case quest item that participating players will be able to fill up. You’ll earn medals by completing triumphs, new Contender Cards, and activity completions. These Contender Cards will reward medals Platinum Medals for those that complete more difficult activities such as Trials and Strikes, and lower tier medals for things like regular Crucible. Strikes, and Gambit.

Bounties and Laurels will be a part of the equation again, but they aren’t at least the what the whole event revolves around this time.

It’s not entirely clear, even from the guide, exactly how this all works but it will probably become clearer once we can get a feel for the gameplay loop once it’s out. The main prize this year will be the Heir Apparent weapon (again) but this time the catalyst will be up for grabs as well. In addition there will be plenty of new event cosmetics and new class items to collect as well.

We’ll see if the Titans can defend their title from last year or if the Hunters or Warlocks can wrestle the trophy away from them this time around.

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