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4 Shows Coming to Netflix This April You Won’t Want to Miss


4 Shows Coming to Netflix This April You Won’t Want to Miss

While the weather is certainly starting to warm up, there is still going to be plenty of time that you’re going to find yourself hanging out inside just enjoying some Netflix this April. Luckily, there is actually a pretty impressive slate of shows that are headed to the platform this month. 

Below, we’ve compiled the four shows coming to Netflix this April that you won’t want to miss out on

The Way of the House Husband – Release Date: April 8

Netflix Shows Coming This April

way of the househusband

The Yakuza are known throughout Japan as one of the most terrifying and efficient crime organizations ever created. But what would happen if a notorious member of that syndicate mysteriously retired to become a house husband?

The Way of the House Husband explores that odd and quirky idea. It follows Tatsu, an infamous former Yakuza boss that has hung up his life of crime in favor of supporting his wife’s dreams. As you can imagine, become a house husband after rising through the ranks of a criminal organization is a pretty big life change. 

Tatsu takes this change and runs with it though, using all of the methodical skills he learned as a Yakuza boss to make a happy and healthy home life for him and his family. 

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