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Valorant: Best Crosshair to Use

best valorant crosshair

Valorant: Best Crosshair to Use

Precise aim is crucial in a tactical shooter such as Valorant, which means you need to make sure you’re giving yourself every advantage you can to hit your shots cleanly. Here’s Twinfinite’s take on the best crosshairs to use in Valorant.

First, let’s just start off by making it clear that there obviously isn’t a magical crosshair that is going to instantly improve your aim. The style of crosshair you use will ultimately come down to your own preference, but there are definitely some best practices to keep in mind when creating one.

Designing a Crosshair

For starters, you want something that isn’t going to be overly distracting. The default crosshair in Valorant has a central dot, both inner and outer lines, a black outline, and firing error turned on. It’s very busy.

Do yourself a favor and make whatever crosshair you settle on simpler. I recommend removing the central dot and turning off the outline.

What you will end up with is a simple cross-shaped design similar to that found in other tactical shooters. Whether or not you turn off firing error is up to you; newcomers might find it easier to learn how recoil works in the game by keeping it on, while veterans should already know how to control spray and turn it off.

I also recommend turning the opacity right up so that whichever color you settle on sticks out as much as possible.

Best Valorant Crosshairs

There are three crosshair designs that I consider most effective in Valorant: the cross, the circle, and the dot.

Below I’ve pictured all three and provided a second image that shows the settings to achieve each.

Classic Cross



Obviously, you can fiddle around with the settings and either stretch or shrink the designs to your preference, but I consider those particular shapes as the three best for cleanly tracking targets.

That does it for the best Valorant crosshair, but you can search Twinfinite for plenty more guides and content on the game. You should also see some related content below that may prove useful.

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