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Over 2 Million People Downloaded the Outriders Demo in Week 1; Devs Announce Upcoming Changes

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Over 2 Million People Downloaded the Outriders Demo in Week 1; Devs Announce Upcoming Changes

People Can Fly, the developer behind the upcoming looter-shooter, Outriders, announced today that over 2 million people downloaded the recently released demo for the game in its first week of availability.

While the Outriders demo is free and it doesn’t translate to any actual money yet, it’s a sign that there is a tremendous amount of interest at least in the game.

In addition to the pat on the ol’ back, PCF also announced what updates players can expect for the demo and for the full release on April 1.

There is a patch on the way for the demo that will add a toggle for motion blur, and also address some annoying bugs.

An update on March 5, tomorrow, will make some gameplay changes that will affect players playing the demo now, and it’s safe to assume that it will carry over to the main game assuming it isn’t changed again.

This includes toning down Captain mobs, beefing up Gauss, and toning down some loot farm methods that PCF felt were “not within the spirit of the game.”

On loot in particular:

  • Epic items will no longer appear in shops and vendors (within the demo).
  • Chests will no longer drop legendary items.
  • Side quest rewards (on repeat runs) will now have a chance to drop legendary items.

The devs addressed the cover system. A common complaint within the community is that it’s not great. PFC revealed that it’s something they are working on improving. While it won’t be ready for the demo you can expect bug fixes for cover locations and fixes for systematic issues that are making the cover system not work well according to PCF.

If you haven’t tried the demo yet but want a feel for what to expect, check out a few important details we learned from our time with the demo.

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