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6 Things We Learned From Playing the Outriders Demo

outriders demo

6 Things We Learned From Playing the Outriders Demo

In a few short days, we’ve managed to learn quite a bit about Square Enix’s new co-op RPG. The Outriders demo went live just last week, and it allows players to go through the entire first chapter of the game with friends.

We managed to sink a couple of hours into the demo and came away with a few big takeaways. Here are the six things we learned from playing the Outriders demo.

Side Quests Can Be Farmed

outriders demo side quests

Sometimes, you just don’t get the loot that you wanted from a mission or boss encounter. If that happens in Outriders, you can simply try again.

To be more specific, side quests in Outriders can be repeated infinitely —even in the demo. The boss fight against Captain Reiner is the perfect example of a side quest that you’d want to farm, allowing you to go back and get revenge on the man who did this to you as much as you want while also rewarding you plenty.

From what the demo shows, most side quests aren’t even very long at all. This means that farming runs should be relatively quick and rewarding for players who want to farm for the best loot available.

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