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Monster Hunter Rise: Beginner Tips & Tricks


Monster Hunter Rise: Beginner Tips & Tricks

Monster Hunter Rise just got released for the Switch a few days back, and if you’re new to the series, we’ve got a few beginner tips to get you started. This entry introduces a few new gameplay elements that even series veterans will need a bit of time to get used to as well, so let’s get started.

Learn How to Get Around Faster

monster hunter rise beginner tips

The wirebugs and Palamutes are the biggest addition to Monster Hunter Rise, and they’re a serious game-changer in that they allow you to move around levels much faster than ever before.

The Palamute is great in battle, yes, but you can also ride your doggo buddy to get around quickly.

You also start with two wirebug charges with cooldown timers, but it’s possible to snag temporary wirebugs in a level as well so you can use them more often.

Wirebugs can be used to get on to higher ground or let you zip from one point to another pretty snappily. This is handy both in and out of combat, so don’t forget to use them.

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