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Don’t Worry, Guardians of the Galaxy’s Microphone Rat Is Alive

Guardians of the Galaxy

Don’t Worry, Guardians of the Galaxy’s Microphone Rat Is Alive

Sometimes in movies, there are certain characters that you simply aren’t provided backstory for that’ll just keep you up at night. For Guardians of the Galaxy fans, the one person – or rodent in this case – everyone has worried about for the last seven years has been the alien rat that Starlord uses as a microphone in the opening crawl.

Thankfully, fans no longer have to toss and turn at night, as James Gunn confirmed in a Twitter thread earlier today that everyone’s favorite microphone rat, who has since been named Microphone Orloni, is alive. On top of that, he seems to be thriving.

In the quote tweet above, Gunn states that Microphone Orloni recovered from his traumatic experience at the hands of Starlord during Guardians of the Galaxy, eventually making his way onto a junker ship to Centauri IV. Since then, he’s become the proud father of over 15,000 orloni pups, most of whom have eaten each other.

The director ended the tweet stating this story was now officially cannon. It’s honestly so refreshing to finally have this mystery solved. Here is to hoping that Microphone Orloni can reprise his role in future movies now that we know he is alive and kicking.

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(Featured image source: Marvel & Disney)

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