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3 Reasons to Binge Devil is a Part-Timer Before Season 2


3 Reasons to Binge Devil is a Part-Timer Before Season 2

Likable Characters (Yes, Even the Devil)

Devil is a Part-Timer
Image Courtesy of White Fox and Netflix

Even with some of the best shows around, the main cast and supporting characters aren’t always very likable. Often times in anime, characters are so good at what they do or are so one-dimensional personality-wise that it makes them boring. 

Ironically enough though, the anime that centers around demons and heroes making their way in a world without magic actually features one of the best rosters in that regard.

Thanks to the way Devil is a Part-Timer builds their personalities, the Demons and Heroes alike are easy to root for, mostly because of how relatable they are. Emi and Mao are both hard-working and take their jobs seriously, even though they’re both out of their element. 

It also helps that they all have flaws as well. Emi is a stubborn Tsundere that spends most of her time at the start of the show convinced that Mao is still evil.

On the other hand, Mao is a former demon lord that now has to deal with starting from the bottom; and in the human world no less, with human-oriented normalities like budgeting.

They have problems just like people do in real life, needing to either work through them or rely on their friends for help. 

Organic Dialogue and Cast Chemistry

Devil is a Part-Timer
Image Courtesy of White Fox & Netflix

It’s always been a little challenging to emulate real-life dialogue in entertainment, especially when it comes to anime.

The medium is packed to the brim with cliches that are meant to help set the tone and mood for interactions, like gasping and gawing, that always end up feeling awkward and out of place. 

Devil is a Part-Timer, on the other hand, takes the awkward things that happen in our day-to-day life conversations with friends and implements them naturally. Characters interrupt each other, get distracted, and even talk over one another if they’re arguing. 

Emi and Mao in particular are guilty of not letting the other get a word in edgewise, as they always think their opinion is the best one, especially at the beginning of the show. This is so much more refreshing and relatable than the turn-based dialogue most animes are guilty of.

Fast-Food Fan Service

Devil is a Part-Timer
Image Courtesy of White Fox & Netflix

Unless you’ve been out on the town drinking, fast food isn’t generally a type of food that’ll get people’s mouths watering at first sight. With that being said, the food in Devil in a Part-Timer always manages to do just that. 

Whether it is the salty goodness of the fries straight from the frier or the melted cheese and ketchup dripping out of the hamburgers, Devil is a Part-Timer features some amazing looking fast-food. 

Just about every time there is a scene at McRonald’s, you’ll more than be anticipating what the next plate of greasy goodness is going to be. Yet, the most impressive part about what occurs at the restaurant isn’t even the food.

The service that Mao and his McRonald’s co-workers provide is top-notch too. They always go out of their way to make sure the customer is satisfied, even going as far as to dole out plenty of pleasantries while serving them.

The customer service is so good that McDonald’s should show this anime as a PSA for all of their employees during orientation.

(Featured image courtesy of White Fox and Netflix)

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