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5 Best Anime Coming to Funimation in 2021

Demon Slayer, Top 5 Anime Coming to Funimation in 2021

5 Best Anime Coming to Funimation in 2021

The year has only just started, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t already some top-tier anime lined up for release. This includes shows that will be available through Funimation, complete with the bonus of having a stellar English dub somewhere down the line. Of those titles, these are the top 5 best anime coming to Funimation in 2021.

Fruits Basket Final Season

Best Funimation Anime 2021

It’s been a long, hard road for Fruits Basket fans, but the climactic end to the series is finally here.

Tohru has helped the members of the Soma clan through a number of past traumas, lingering pains, and problems during her time with them. In turn, they’ve helped her face some of her own issues and given her a group of family and friends she feels accepted by.

However, their curse still remains to be broken, and not every member of the clan fully accepts her yet. To that end, she’ll need to help prove she’s legitimate in her love and caring for the family, both to save all of them and to hold onto the new happiness she’s found.

It’ll be an emotional ride for sure – especially for those who have been around since the first anime adaptation, and have been waiting for a full adaptation ever since – but one well worth the wait. This is especially true for fans of Funimation’s dub of the series, which has been top-notch from the get-go thanks to exceptional performances all throughout the English cast.

It’s for these reasons that its tentative April release window can’t come soon enough.

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