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An Earthquake Has Delayed This Week’s Attack on Titan Simulcast

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An Earthquake Has Delayed This Week’s Attack on Titan Simulcast

The simulcast of the latest episode of Attack on Titan, episode 73, has been delayed following a magnitude 4.6 earthquake that occurred in Wakayama prefecture of Japan earlier today.

Funimation and Crunchyroll both confirmed the delay via social media, stating the episode will not air anywhere else until its airtime in Japan finishes.

Attack on Titan normally begins its full simulcast at 3:45 EDT on Sunday. Approximately 19.5 minutes of the episode was actually broadcasted, but the simulcast cut off due to the event.

Titled “Savagery,” this episode of Attack on Titan carries over the fallout from the events of the last episode. It also focuses on what Levi and Zeke are doing in the forest.

There isn’t an exact time on when the rest of the video will be broadcasted at this time nor if the earthquake will affect the schedule for the rest of the upcoming season as well. We will be sure to keep you posted on updates here at Twinfinite as soon as they occur.

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